Tweets, threads, and hashtags from #ONA22

We tried to gather insights from the participants, especially for engagement editors & reporters.

Tweets, threads, and hashgtags from Online News Association conference 2022

The Online News Association’s annual conference gathers the U.S.’s most engaging minds in digital media for an unparalleled blend of learning, networking, and inspiration. This year’s #ONA22 took place in Los Angeles and online. Many ONA22 sessions are available for on-demand access. Get all the insights, learning, and discussion at your convenience here.

Dozens of workshops and interactive panels deliver best practices and the latest trends in five areas: Audience development and metrics, emerging technology in the digital journalism industry, Innovative news storytelling, leadership development, and revenue models, including content and product strategy. Check the schedule and all sessions listed here.

We couldn’t participate because we were working on our product and also because LA is far that’s why we tried to compile a list of the best tweets that helped us learn something new and provide inspiration.

The tweets aren’t in any chronological or other order, just randomly put. Here we go.

Great threads

This thread provides a lot of resources for engagement roles. The Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas is an excellent resource. Follow them!

Here’s a great screenshot from an ONA22outreach session. [Follow the hashtag too] 

The learnings from the research are essential for engagement roles. People want journalists to show up! 

Here are some slides from the RJI 2021 fellows’ research.

This is a great thread from Allison Shirk explaining how we can meet “user needs” through better-designed engagement processes.

FYI that’s precisely the problem we are trying to solve

Also, during our research, we often heard that audience teams and newsrooms in general, are understaffed and neglected. This was always mentioned as problem #1.

Here’s a great tip to increase engagement in stories that don’t typically bring back lots of attention, so it’s a safe way to start interacting with your audience.

Some great takeaways start with audience research and feedback loops.  

How to build an “Engaged Reporting Duo” – a fantastic presentation that combines engaged journalism and collaboration. Also, there’s a doc in the thread with resources!

A glimpse from the future

Anders Grimstad, Head of Foresight and Emerging Interfaces at  @SchibstedGroup gave this year’s #ONA22TechTrends presentation – Fathm COO XXX Tom Trewinnard was live-tweeting.

The #MyJournalism hashtag provides us with much inspiration about community-oriented, engaged journalism. Take a look! 

The student newsroom at ONA put together this piece with the best practices for covering your whole community.

That’s all we could gather during the ONA22 days that make sense for journalists in engagement roles. Feel free to reach out if you’d like your tweets or blog posts to be added or if you have any questions, corrections, or just want to talk about audience engagement!