Our Vision

We are envisioning sustainable newsrooms where journalists and community members make change.

What is

Qurio is a media technology startup. We’re building an audience engagement platform for local newsrooms and niche media.

Who are we?

With backgrounds in digital publishing we have been in your shoes and we know how rewarding talking to your community can be. We also know firsthand how time-consuming non-automated survey processes are for newsrooms.

Why are we
doing this?

We decided to start working towards building a software solution that will enable journalists to scale the way they process surveys, take care of audience engagement, and receive quality feedback directly from their audiences.

Our Mission

We aim to help community-driven media around the world build meaningful relationships with their audiences, where both journalists and communities can make a difference, sustainably.

Meet our founding team

Tassos Morfis

The journalist

He is the founder of Qurio.

Tassos is one of the founders of AthensLive, Greece’s first non-profit newsroom. He has worked as an executive, reporter, and producer for several Greek and international media, and as a consultant for Council of Europe’s Div-A Diversity Accelerator & WAN-IFRA’s Global Advisory.

Spyros Tzortzis

The marketeer

He is the co-founder of Qurio.

Spyros is a founding member of Sociality, a technology and communications cooperative. He is also a digital marketing and communications trainer for organizations such as ANT1 Medialab and Foundit. Previously he worked for Ogilvy. He was also a member of Speak up!, a digital development project for the community radio station of his hometown Messolonghi and he is still active in the local media scene.

Akel Aguad

The engineer

He is the lead developer of Qurio.

Akel is a Full Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience. He has been involved with media and journalism projects in his homeland, Chile, and the U.S. He worked for Ciper Chile (investigative journalism non-profit) developing their CRM, with Documented NY (a New York immigration non-profit news outlet), and NYC Prensa (Chile’s first Twitter-first media outlet), where he developed a bot to promote and inform about the referendum on the new Chile constitution.

Dimitris Tsingos

The investor

He is the the co-founder of Qurio, also President of Starttech Ventures.

Dimitris is a serial tech entrepreneur and early-stage investor. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Crete and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business while his interests include contemporary management and entrepreneurship, philosophy, psychology and mathematics. Dimitris is native in Greek, fluent in English and conversational in French. He is a Marshall Memorial Fellow, an IVLP and EYL40 Alumnus as well as a Fellow of the IHEIE program of the Paris Science et Lettres University.

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