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What is a campaign?

Qurio campaigns are the individual surveys that you can run for your audience. Each campaign may contain multiple questions, it can be embedded individually on a website, or it can be shared as a standalone link everywhere.

How do you measure responses?

Every time a member of your audience answers on one of your campaigns, we record one response. Unless somebody tries really hard 🙂 each person can submit only one response per campaign. This means that e.g. 200 members of your audience answering 5 campaigns each equals no more than 1,000 total responses.

How do I get Qurio to work on my website?

That’s easy! In order to run Qurio on your website you need to install a script on the website’s header. Don’t worry – your web developer will know exactly what this is and can install it in minutes. If your website is built with WordPress then you can use our simple, free plugin – no developer required! Finally, if you only plan on using Qurio standalone campaigns on dedicated links, you don’t need to install anything!

Who is actually paying for a project?

Great question. Pricing is applied not to individual Users but on Projects. This means that each Qurio Project is connected to a billing account. E.g. a newsroom may run a paid Project as their main Qurio workspace but they can also run a free Project on the side for a side-project. Each user can have their own Project and only Projects above limits will be asked to upgrade to a paid plan.

Is Free really free forever?

Yes. Stay as long as you need, test your campaigns, get familiar, see our templates, play around with our Demo project, get your feedback from your audience. We believe that you shouldn’t pay for a service that you don’t get enough value out of.

How about the plan, is this price fixed forever?

Not really, to be honest! It is normal that as our platform grows we will have to change our pricing plans to reflect the additional value that we will be able to provide. This probably means increasing our prices but also adjusting our plans to what makes more sense for you, enabling more features for the free plan, providing discounts when possible, etc.

I have more questions, can you help me?

Absolutely! Send as a message on our live chat, send us an email to [email protected], or book a call with us at any time!