We are streaming!

Finding the ideal software developer for your startup is hard and takes time. What can we do in the meantime?

What’s going on?

Meet Spyros on Sunday, May 15th! He will be livestreaming on his Twitch channel from 10:00 to 22:00 while watching software courses. Why?

Well, the hiring market is quite tight at the moment and finding the right people to work with appears to be not an easy challenge for a new startup. As a result, we feel that we need to do whatever is necessary to cut through the noise and reach our future Qurians and Qurianeses, casting the very spells we ourselves preach about: taking over digital platforms and connecting with audiences.

Did we mention that we are hiring?

It’s true! Qurio is hiring our first engineer, most preferably a Full Stack Developer that will help us get our software platform up and running. This whole streaming thing is happening as a way to promote our job ad and find the right people to work with us!