Local newsrooms

Listen to your audience

Running a local newsroom is hard on its own, we know. However, listening to your audience’s needs is the most promising way forward to achieve impact and sustainability.

Get feedback for your coverage

What does your audience feel about your coverage? Is there something they would like you to change? Ask your audience for feedback and earn trust by following up.

Learn what your audience wants

There is no journalism without an audience. Ask your audience what they want to learn more about, ask about their reader habits, get a glimpse of who they actually are.

Crowdsource information and tips

There is wisdom in the crowds. Sometimes, communities know much more than they can let on. Ask your local audience for tips and information, to enhance your next story.

End result

Grow your audience, build loyalty and trust, acquire more subscribers, improve your advertising

Setup your callouts

Publish everywhere

Explore your audience’s feedback


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