Nonprofit newsrooms

Impactful journalism requires real connection.

Get feedback for your coverage

What does your audience feel about your coverage? Is there something they would like you to change? Ask your audience for feedback and earn trust, by really seeing what they suggest and following up.

This simple gesture can improve your journalism by making it more relevant to the communities you are covering and maximize its impact. Research has shown that newsrooms that handled feedback in a positive way increased trust and revenue.

Crowdsource information and tips

We know that an engaged community is much more impactful rather than a passive audience. Let your community add to your reporting and contribute with their own tips and information, and shape your next story accordingly.

Sourcing information on your website and your articles provides your community with context. What’s better than starting a conversation about specific news, asking people to become sources, or sharing information on the relevant piece? This will help you update your reporting, provide you with new sources, and follow-up story ideas.

Collect proofs of your impact

Nonprofit journalism puts impact first. Keep track of the results of your efforts, by adding labels and stars on your audience’s responses for your next donor report.

With feedback and testimonials, newsrooms can prove their impact to your community, stakeholders, and funders. No more Google Docs with copy-pasted comments, but all your testimonials in one place so you know what your community believes about your reporting.

End result

Learn what your audience is interested in, improve your journalism, attract more funding and become sustainable

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