The greatest part of being a journalist is interacting with your community

Now, it’s time to do what you do best, ask questions, so you listen to the needs of your audience.

Audience Engagement Platform

Made for local newsrooms and reader-powered media. Ask questions, engage with your audience, get feedback.

Audience Engagement should be fun, not only for your community.

Centralize all your engagement

efforts in one place and understand what your audience needs 

Listen to your audience

on a regular basis and get insights

Save time

by not switching across tools

What we are building

  • A rich toolkit of solutions covering each aspect of their audience engagement activities in an innovative and robust way
  • An automated solution that helps them do more with less
  • An integrated platform that audience engagement managers can use to focus on their work

You can set up surveys for your audience

Then, you can see what your audience has told you, explore the feedback, learn more

You can put them on your website or share them on a newsletter, on social media, everywhere with just a link

Set up your callouts

  • Ask questions to your audience using our super easy campaign wizard.
  • Customize your surveys to look exactly like your website.
  • Coming up: Additional question types, interactive quizzes, and more!

Publish everywhere

  • Place your callouts anywhere on your website or your stories.
  • Grab the survey’s link and share it anywhere: social media, newsletter, podcast notes, you name it.
  • Coming up: Get a QR code so you can reach even more people.

Explore your audience’s feedback

  • Manage the feedback you collect across all your responses.
  • Search for keywords, add labels, star your favorite ones, add labels, filter, exactly as you do on your emails.

Spark conversations with your audience,
on your website.

Get quality feedback from your audience.
Grow trust and revenue.

Our Mission

Help local newsrooms around the world build meaningful relationships with their communities.

Our Vision

Sustainable newsrooms where journalists and community members make change.